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Roseline de Thelin

Roseline de Thelin works primarily with light, both as a medium and as a subject. Over the past 10 years, she has been creating light sculptures and light installations that explore the epiphenomena of light: reflection, refraction, fragmentation, conduction and transparency. She uses a range of materials including, fibre optics, quartz crystals, mirrors, perspex, wires and, chains. Finding inspiration in astronomy, scientific theories and quantum physics, her latest work focuses on ethereal beings and organic forms such as spirals, ellipses, waves, volutes and veils, to create large light pieces.

Like all her other holographic light sculpture, Seated Child (Columba) plays with brain perception. It is made of edged optic fibres, an original technique developed by the artist to create 3D forms out of light points. Roseline de Thelin’s Columba is named after the small, faint star constellation Columba Noachi (Latin for Noah’s Dove) and symbolizes our growing consciousness. Continuing the series of Homos Luminosos (Latin for Luminous Humans), this new member of the family is a child, a young girl sitting in a constellation of quartz crystal stars. Ethereal, transparent and illuminating, she glows, as a metaphor of the veil that divides life and the spirit realm. Her ghostly, veiled silhouette appears shining and haunting in the dark, escaping into oblivion.

Seated Child evokes God’s waiting room in the spiritual dimension, waiting in limbo, visitors often experience a divine transcendence entering through her door of perception.

Roseline de Thelin is a Kinetica Museum Oxygen artist member.