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Tim Lewis

Tim Lewis creates animatronic objects that raise questions concerning the boundaries between nature, perception and fabrication. He endows objects with properties that they should not naturally possess. New creatures are invented; man-animal-machine hybrids are brought to life and existing objects are fetishised into mechanical forms. There is a subconscious element to his work originating from his very own vivid dreams and fascination to the strangeness of something that is not quite real in this conscious world. For Tim Lewis, “kinetic art highlights the importance of bringing both inventions and imagination into a physical existence.”

His works, Pan and Transformer, are testament that Lewis is not just an artist but also an engineer. His works reveal creatures born of mechanics in the same way that genetic engineers use science.Transformer is a small, vertical zoetrope which portrays a miniature runner on the wheel of life. Lewis uses the technique of ‘persistence of vision’ to give life to the minute figures on their journey.

Lewis’ Pan (Greek God of Nature) is half man-half animal, all together machine, his footsteps soft and silent, tread gently through the illusion of myth into reality, accompanied by his very own shadow standing as a metaphor for the imperceptibility of nature, the unseen.

Lewis’ work is in the collections of: the Arts Council England, British Council, British Airways and, Damien Hirst’s MurderMe Collection.