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“A great example of art moving with the times” The Times

“If you can’t find something to excite you at Kinetica you probably don’t have a pulse” The Daily Telegraph

“Much of the work at Kinetica serves to highlight the quirks of our own being, the ways in which we move and think…it is a show of wonder and delight” Fortean Times

“If you like your art to be moving in all senses, this is for you” The Independent

“Representing movement, time and vision…the Kinetica Art Fair reveals just how sophisticated kinetic artists have become” The Guardian

“Comparable to the great international exhibitions of the Victorian era, which combined new developments in the arts, science and technology…” The Londonist

Kinetica Art Fair has generated hundreds of news stories across leading international print and broadcast media, including BBC News, BBC World Service, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Times, The Standard, Wired, Design Week, New Scientist, Blueprint, Wallpaper, Creative Review, Mutual Art, Huffington Post, GQ, Arena and countless more. The international appeal of the event has been reflected in global TV and press coverage including CNN, The American, Agence France Press, Russian TV Centre, Duna TV (Hungarian state TV channel), Xinhua News Agency, Times of India, Italy’s ExibArt, Virgin Atlantic & Arab Emirates in-flight magazines and many others. There are also over 60,000 web bulletins and articles about the event.

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