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Events Programme
The events programme was entitled “Time, Transformation and Energy” it focused on the shifting of time in the light of cosmological, astronomical, environmental and evolving universal events. It featured artist presentations, live performances, talks and screenings.

Kinetica Museum Feature exhibition
Kinetica Museum feature exhibition showcased a diverse range of work by emerging artists in Kinetica’s new “Oxygen” Membership scheme, alongside established kinetic, electronic and new media artists

Live Performances
Kinetica Art Fair presented the third Musion Academy MAMAs Awards – a celebration of the world’s best holographic projection artwork combined with live performance. The winning entry was shown throughout the 4 day programme alongside a series of kinetic sound performances.

A series of presentations on the theme of Time, Transformation and Energy were shown in reference to the year 2012 as the end of a 5,000 year old aeon which signifies change and transformation. Further talks focused on the rise in popularity of new media art and the challenges facing organisations in this field, including promoting and selling kinetic and electronic work to collectors, and collaborating with commercial clients to create new commissions.