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The 2014 edition of Kinetica Art Fair welcomes exhibitor participation from UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Holland, Denmark, South Africa and Romania and demonstrates how new media art is fast becoming a burgeoning global movement, with works being collected on a rising scale, which is reflected in most major public and private collections worldwide.

Kinetica Art Fair this year includes a private collection of pioneering kinetic works presented by Austin Desmond Fine Art, including rare works by some of the grandfathers of Kinetic Art. This collection features works produced between 1948 and 1979 and illustrates the innovative and historical lineage of Kinetic Art.

Also featured is a special focus on new media artists from Quebec, with the UK premiere of four installations by artists from the Montreal collective ‘Perte de Signal’.

Full list of exhibitors:

Alexander Berchert
Austin Desmond Fine Art
Michael Berger
Damien Borowik
Madi Boyd
Cinimod Studio
Circus Kinetica
Digital Quebec
Genetic Moo
Geometría Emocional: José Manuel González
Golem Project
Interactive Architecture Lab
Luciana Haill
Jardin Cosmique
Kinetica Museum
Benedict Lamb Design
University of Lincoln
Tim Lewis
Alex May
Leif Maginnis
Mechanical Flipbook
Performative Holography: Elizabeth SR and Isabel Azevedo
Pure Holography: Iñaki Beguiristain
Rachel Reilly
Savanna Fine Art
Urban Objects