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Sun 3rd March

Musion Academy screenings of holographic art by audiovisual artists

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After over 30 years specialising in motion capture and motion control techniques, Matthieu Schönholzer presents his début piece as an emerging sculptor – his sinuous, Mechanical Ocean Wave. Schönholzer seeks to arouse in his audience the thrill that is inspired by the beauty of the sea in its continuous, eternal motion.


We are Movement
A presentation by Remi Brun exploring insights behind his Galloping Horse sculpture that plays homage to the work of Etienne-Jules Marey and Eadweard Muybridge, both pioneers at the frontier of art, science, cinema and biomechanics. The Galloping Horse is created using 18 bright diodes that trace their trajectories through a system of steel bars,LEDs and cables that coincide to create the illusion of a moving image of a life-size galloping horse.

For the time being: Audiophonic Design in Motion
Johannes Birringer/Michèle Danjoux (DAP-Lab) present a demonstration of artworks that aim to transform sensorial design into a fuller exploration of narrative, fashion, and choreography in live digital performance, displaying possibilities of new performer techniques with the potential for real-time, emergent / sound-generative design.