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Thurs 9th Feb

Musion Academy screenings of holographic art by audiovisual artists

Titia Ex reveals the inspiration behind the gigantic “Flower of the Universe” at the entrance to Kinetica Art Fair

Graham StevensArt, Science, Law
This talk identifies key factors which maintain the artist’s freedom to continue making avant-garde art forms such as ‘noetic’ art, where the art image is formed only inside the head of the participant, and examines how the 3 titles of the triptych shown at Kinetica Art Fair 2012 relate to the artist’s work through time.


AV3 / Shaun PrickimageBetween VJing & Projection Art

Prof Arthur MillerThe Coming of a Third Culture
Arthur Miller is professor of history and philosophy of science at University College London; his talk will explore the interplay between art and science in the 20th and 21st centuries. How do collaborations between artists and scientists come about and how do these collaborations work? How does science affect art and art affect science? Are art and science fusing into a third culture and if so what will this third culture be like?

Christina ChauContemporary Conditions of Temporality in Kinetic Art
Christina Chau from the University of Western Australia argues that the relationship between kinetic sculpture and expressions of temporality has strengthened in the current climate of contemporary art. The increasing use of actual movement in both digital and analogue compositions of art provide a means for understanding, unpacking and processing this temporal climate.

Macu Moran presents a talk on the rise in popularity of new media art and the challenges of promoting and selling kinetic and electronic work. Macu is organiser of the Imagery Dimension Festival, an online festival for art and innovation.

Performances featuring:

Analema Group
Madi Boyd
Empress Stah Power
Rachel Garrard
Laura Jean Healey
United Disciplines
Sandra Crisp


Programme and timings subject to change. Admittance to talks and performances requires the FULL ticket, subject to space and availability.

Image credit: Laura Jean Healey – The Siren 2012